I am selling a near complete Zenith CH 750 STOL kit with options including everything but the fuselage and finishing kit. Kit is located in NW Wisconsin, about 45 minutes east of Duluth, MN. Pickup only; please.

I received the kit November 2023 direct from Zenith, completed inventory, and found nothing missing or damaged.

The kit has been safely stored in my climate controlled shop. I built the rudder at the Zenith factory work shop May 2023. All other parts of the kit are UNTOUCHED; no fit-up, no-deburring, etc.

Asking $20,500 or best offer

Please email me at olsonct.co@gmail.com. Thanks for looking!

Here's a summary of the kit and options included. Pricing (buy-as-you-build) is from the current Zenith order sheet found on their website.

Kit Total

Tail Kit 2395
Wings 9850
Flaperons & LE Slats 2950
Controls 2990
Fuel System 1750
Sub Total $19,935
LED Nav/Strobe/Pos Lights 1139
Landing Light Kit 460
Long Range Fuel Tanks 490
Elevator VG Kit 99
Dual Brakes 400
Tow Bar 110
Tool Kit (without Air Drill) 755
Sub Total $3,453