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Thread: RV-14A empennage kit for sale

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    Sad RV-14A empennage kit for sale

    With great sadness I am selling my RV-14A empennage kit, delivered January 2023. I had built the rudder and VS when the LCP fiasco became public. About that time I received a devastating medical diagnosis so I decided to stop there and canceled my wing and fuselage kits.

    I did receive replacement parts from Van's for all LCPs and other parts (e.g.,skins) that might be damaged if the next builder chooses to redo those assemblies. If I were continuing I would not redo those parts as I am confident in my workmanship. Everything has been stored in my climate controlled basement/shop.

    Medical condition forces sale.

    Asking $6000 OBO- current Vans' price is $8050 + shipping.

    Jean-Francois Reat. EAA chapter 17 (Knoxville TN)
    osvolant"fore"seventeen at geemail dot com
    Eight-six five, fife-nein-nein, oh three oh one
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