New to forum. 3DConnect/3DEXPERIENCE user for 18 months. Following mandatory March update connection to 3DEXPERIENCE lost on one computer but update succeeded on second machine and local and cloud files are present and useable. On problem machine 3DCONNECT opens Solidworks and all local parts and assembly files are present but 3DEXPERIENCE does not load cloud files and does not indicate it is trying to connect (it did connect before update). Have contacted Solidworks makers support but did not get any useful help. Also poked around Solidworks dashboard but find it overwhelming and somewhat incomprehensible. My work experience was on SolidEdge in the 90 and early 2000s - no big brother was involved. I am not dead in water since I have a working computer but it does not have the RAM capacity of the problem machine which slows things down a bit. Hoping problem easily resolved by more youthful experienced user.