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Thread: WTB Rotax B.U.D.S. set

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    WTB Rotax B.U.D.S. set

    Howdy guys and gals,
    Thank you for viewing.

    I have been A&P mechanic on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I have completed my Rotax Aircraft engine training in October 2023 and am interested in offering (extending) my services to the experimental and LSA community.

    I am quite impressed with these modern Rotax aircraft engines. They prefer Automotive fuel yet run fine on 100LL. They are one of the higher power to weight ratio engines and highly efficient with several models going to 2000 TBO, 100 hour oil changes, and regular compressions of 87/87 (we use 6 BAR = 87psig) and great fuel efficiency/range... I could easily continue to go on.

    The fuel injected 9 series engines require a BUDS set for maintenance (also known as a 'dongle') to download the engine computer information (annual archive and reset) and to read the diagnostic fault codes when we get a warning light.

    I am looking to purchase a BUDS Set from someone who no longer needs it and has it is just sitting on a shelf (or drawer) collecting dust.

    For you ole timers' BUDS is like the new fangled scanner they use at the auto repair shop when your check engine light comes on in your car.

    If you, or someone you know. has one and no longer uses it, I am ready to take it off of your hand$ and it would be greatly appreciated and helpful to everyone not only at my local chapter 692, Stuart, Florida but adjacent airports on the Treasure Coast region of the Southeast.

    Kurt S

    The BRPUtility and Diagnostic Software (B.U.D.S.) for Rotax aircraft engines is your window into the engine management system. B.U.D.S. gives technicians and engineers the engine diagnostics they need to keep AOG grounding short, preventive maintenance efficient, and aircraft availability high.

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    Update folks:
    I hate to be the type of person who is wary of potential threats.

    Yesterday I received an email with a pretty convincing offer to sell me a BUDS set level III for $1000.

    BOY was I excited... a fellow aviator, had something kicking around their hangar that they no longer needed, that they could trade me for enough money to fill a grocery shopping cart 3/4 full to feed the family (or perhaps pay their 1 months electricity bill)

    As the email exchange progressed I started to become suspicious and I still really hope that I am wrong, but they can't confirm that they have a complete BUDS Set and pass key combination.
    Without both, it is really just a very expensive USB wire with a blinking LED light.

    What I suspect happened is that someone (or group) trolls around fishing for just the set up that I posted above:
    I need to buy something, gave out my email, and it was something expensive for a fair price.

    Oh, let me clarify, I still really want to buy one of these, it is just that I fear someone was trying to "...pull a fast one"
    So please be careful and please be vigilant. Use a credit card through PayPal and you have some recourse of a refund if if is a scam, if it arrives broken, if it is incomplete not working part.

    HEY, James Mark, if you are trying to scam the good people of this organization, you should go steal money from your mom's purse and go crawl under a rock in your backyard.
    James Mark, if you are legitimate and I am mistaken, I apologize for not trusting you BUT...
    ... no but, you are the type that is ruining life on planet Earth

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    For items of high value, I would strongly consider using an online escrow service. There are several; just do a search. If you've ever tried dealing with PayPal's offshore customer call center for help, you'll understand why I make this suggestion.

    BTW, the offer of a Level III dongle should be a red flag in itself. They're only available to Rotax-certified distributors and service centers. Level II is the one sold to the unwashed masses.
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    Still looking. I was hoping to go to Sun N Fun on Monday and hopefully find one at the hangar flea/swap but I got the flu. Down for the count for three days...

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