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I have been staying at the university dorms since 1991 (excluding 2020 of course). Making a reservation for AC rooms or the suites has gotten worse each year. In the last few years I have been making my reservation on the first day, first hour, first minute, first second that they take reservations. Now that does not work either. I need 2 AC rooms or one suite. I have one AC room. This may be my first year missing Airventure since 1988.

The university says that the problem is a deficit of 18 million for the Oshkosh University and similar deficits for most of the other Wisconsin universities. So providing less rooms with help that!??
Thanks for your reply. What a shame that it has come to this. Apart from camping on the airport grounds, which is difficult when travelling from Australia, the university accommodation was the most affordable and convenient. It was a great place to stay; I was with my 'tribe', the rooms were comfortable, food was good, I didn't need a hire car and a shuttle bus would transport me to/from the airport for five bucks a day.