TrafficAssist, a new Android App that displays Airplane Traffic uncluttered to help you with Situational Awareness in avoiding a possible Collision. The App follows closely the TCAS II protocol (Except Resolution Advisories ‘RA’) using the ADSB data over Wifi using the GDL90 open protocol.

Types of ADSB-In receivers that functions with TrafficAssist:

• Stratux/FlightBox (Falken Avionics)

• Appareo Stratus 3 (in Open GDL90/Open GDL Mode)

• uAvionics PingUSB

• GRT Discovery ADSB

• Dynon SV-ADSB-472 (Using the Dynon WI-FI Adapter for SkyView)

• Levil Aviation iLevil

• other ADSB-IN devices supporting the GDL90 format using Wifi

It is highly customizable, for example you can have trend lines or not,

You can display tail numbers, you can display make and model.

The App also supports sharing the ADSB data stream for other EFB apps when used on the same tablet.

This app is free, to have an unrestricted version of the app you can purchase it for a nominal fee, search for "TrafficAssist" (One Word) in Google Play.

The free version is called “TrafficAssist Demo”

Here are some comments about the early adopters of this App:

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/// Interesting app. It is only for traffic information. But it does a great job. If, like me, you find the traffic displays on the map apps, EFB's difficult to see, this app is what is needed. With different settings, selectable by the user, clean screen view, along with the ability to split screen with a map app, this allows one less tablet in your lap, and a great traffic view. Using this app just one time, will make you a believer. No more squinting to find traffic on the map app.

/// The fantastic application mimics big boys (commercial airplanes) and high-end avionics' dedicated cockpit applications. Highly configurable to your flying taste.

/// This APP does an excellent job of providing ADSB-IN traffic information while in flight. It integrates with a number of ADSB devices (I use a PING) and works seamlessly on my Samsung phone and tablet - you can even display an overlay in your EFB APP such as Foreflight or Oz Runways. The APP is simple in its presentation however the menu provides a number of customizable options so you can set it up to suit your needs. Best of all the developer is responsive to product improvements.

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To learn more about the App you can peruse the TrafficAssist User Guide:

To learn more about the TCASII specification by the FAA: ii v7.1 intro booklet.pdf

Try it, it is a game changer for me....