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Thread: Homebuilt Production During 2023

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    Homebuilt Production During 2023

    This is a list of new Experimental Amateur Built aircraft added to the registry during 2023. This is not a "net change" list, this is actually the aircraft added.

    The list is generated by comparing the 2022 and 2023 registry, and identifying the EAB in 2023 that weren't on the 2022 registry. A process was used to identify homebuilts that had merely had their N-Number changed...these are not included in this tally.

    The "Previously Canceled Aircraft" refers to homebuilts that had previously had their registrations canceled, but were returned to the registry in 2023. They are included in the overall tally.

    The list is EAB only, it does NOT include Light Sports. Types with ten or fewer additions are not included. The total Zenair aircraft do not tally to the 81 shown as there are some oddball registrations that don't fall within the models listed.
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