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Thread: Experimental Friendly Insurance Companies

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    Experimental Friendly Insurance Companies

    Hello all. I was moving towards purchasing a great looking Acrosport II until I learned from my insurance company (that I have been using for my certified aircraft for over 15 years) required 100 hours in that specific model (the Acrosport II) before I could be considered. I have about 50 hours in Citabria's and Decathlons so I am not a high time tailwheel pilot but is 100 hours a typical requirement for an experimental aircraft such as the Acrosport? I have a great relationship with my insurance company but I am wondering if there are other companies that specialize in experimental aircraft and may have more reasonable requirements. Thank you for your help!

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    Gallagher Aviation and Falcon are both pretty popular, at least in the RV community.
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    In many cases you can negotiate with the insurance company. When I bought my Hatz, the underwriter (through Falcon) wanted 5 hours dual with a CFI who had 10 hours in type. I pointed out the near impossibility of finding such a CFI, and got them down to 1 hour with the non-CFI seller. But by then I had around 800 hours tailwheel time and a couple hundred hours in other small biplanes.

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    What the poster is hearing is that they do not want the business. As mentioned above, Falcon, Northwest, and even AVEMCO will insure that airplane with relatively reasonable training requirement. Since the airplane has two seats you will likely have to find a CFI who qualifies in that airplane. AcroSport II's are realtively easy to fly for small biplanes.

    If you can not find an AcroSport II qualified CFI most underwriters will accept training in a 2 seat Pitts as a substitute. If you go to someone like Budd Davisson in AZ and can learn to fly a Pitts, an AcroSport will be easy.

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