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Thread: Getting a design 3D printed

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    Getting a design 3D printed

    How do I find a shop that can take my design and print it in 3D so I can check dimensions, hole locations etc. before having it machined? And once the model is correct, how do I find a machine shop to make the parts?

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    A quick Google search produced these five options:





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    Thank you Eric. I checked out ProtoLabs a bit and will look more. When I watched the into EAA webinar, at the 47:00 mark they said you could click on the "Make" button to find service providers. I have not been able to find that "Easy" button. I am concerned that since the package offered through EAA creates models that are not compatible with the regular SolidWorks software, if I go to a provider that cannot handle files from this "Maker" package chaos will reign! I will email a couple of the places you put links to and see what happens.

    Here's a link to the EAA Webinar.

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