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    MiniMax SuperMax

    I am wanting to build a SuperMax. I have been trying to find it's flight characteristics and performance. There doesn't seem to be much info on the web. Does anyone know about this airplane? Thanks.

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    Good question. Besides the obvious change in the empennage…..the SuperMax supports a 76 hp VW vs 50 hp VW for the V-Max. The empty & gross weight also is 100 pounds plus heavier than the V-max too. I believe the SuperMax includes a welded gear assembly vs the built-up gear. Haven’t seen any published performance numbers for comparison. Given that both models are nearly identical I would bet that cruise speeds are fairly close but the SuperMax should have a better climb. But you’re right, just not a lot of info out there.
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    Just my take, but I'd email the company selling the kit/plans and ask for some specifics. If they can't provide detailed specs and performance numbers I'd consider that to be a significant red flag.
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    Thank you Airmutt and DaleB. I like the single seat Mini-Max's but am right at the edge of gross weight with 5 gallons of fuel. I would like a little more cushion and more fuel than that. So I am looking at the SuperMax. I ordered the plans and wanted to study them before I commit. Still researching? I think the SuperMax may have a different wing section than the other's, but am not certain.

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