I Need some of you guys to try out a new Traffic display (Android only) for ADSB-In devices (Wifi only).
I developed an Android App (called TrafficAssist) that closely follows the TCAS II protocol and displays the data as you would see it in a
commercial aircraft. TrafficAssist will display Traffic Advisories as well as Resolution Advisories. Features are selectable via Preferences.
In addition to display the traffic it will identify Make/Model of aircraft as long as it is in the US or Canadian registry.
So if you have the following ADSB-In devices:

  • Stratus (Open ADSB Mode GDL90 protocol)
  • Stratux
  • OpenFlightSystems (Stratux)
  • Dynon SV-ADSB-472 (Using the Dynon WI-FI ADAPTER FOR SKYVIEW)
  • uAvionix echoUat
  • and other ones that support the GDL90 format using Wifi

As you well know for ADSB traffic to work properly you need the ADSB-Out
feature as well.
So I am looking for feedback and improvements. As a thank you will receive the final product free of charge.
Interested, shoot me an e-mail at: swedeflyer@gmail.com
I will give you more details after you contact me.