I am new here and just wanted to ask a couple of questions and get some opinions. I am 47 years old and I am looking to get back into flying. When I was 19, I took lessons towards my PPL, soloed, got my cx country endorsement, earned about 22 hours and then I quit (I still have my log book). At the time I wanted to fly as a career but I am color blind and couldnít get a night time medical. I guess I got frustrated with that and decided to give up. Almost thirty years later I am a High School history teacher and am intrigued with earning my sport pilot certificate. I donít want to bother with the medical and only want to fly VFR in good weather so I would like to take the sport pilot route. My daughter wants to be a commercial pilot and she just started working on her PPL and is about to solo. This as really got me wanting to fly again! Over the years I have gained quiet a bit of weight and know Iíve got to get that down before I can start training. Iím on a program and have already lost 25lbs in the past two months. I am motivated to get this done, but it is a slow process losing a couple of lbs. a week. My first question is, what is a practical weight to strive for to train in an LSA? I have read the new MOSAIC rules that have been proposed. It appears that when they go into effect I could possibly train in a 172 or similar for an SPL? That would definitely help a bit with the weight. Does anyone have an estimate of how long it will take for that to go into effect? I see that the comment period is in process now. There also doesnít seem to be many LSA around my area which is Dallas? I will just keep on working my weight loss program until I get back down to a weight where I can make this happen! Thanks for the advice!