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Thread: Getting Started Again

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    Getting Started Again

    I am new here and just wanted to ask a couple of questions and get some opinions. I am 47 years old and I am looking to get back into flying. When I was 19, I took lessons towards my PPL, soloed, got my cx country endorsement, earned about 22 hours and then I quit (I still have my log book). At the time I wanted to fly as a career but I am color blind and couldnít get a night time medical. I guess I got frustrated with that and decided to give up. Almost thirty years later I am a High School history teacher and am intrigued with earning my sport pilot certificate. I donít want to bother with the medical and only want to fly VFR in good weather so I would like to take the sport pilot route. My daughter wants to be a commercial pilot and she just started working on her PPL and is about to solo. This as really got me wanting to fly again! Over the years I have gained quiet a bit of weight and know Iíve got to get that down before I can start training. Iím on a program and have already lost 25lbs in the past two months. I am motivated to get this done, but it is a slow process losing a couple of lbs. a week. My first question is, what is a practical weight to strive for to train in an LSA? I have read the new MOSAIC rules that have been proposed. It appears that when they go into effect I could possibly train in a 172 or similar for an SPL? That would definitely help a bit with the weight. Does anyone have an estimate of how long it will take for that to go into effect? I see that the comment period is in process now. There also doesnít seem to be many LSA around my area which is Dallas? I will just keep on working my weight loss program until I get back down to a weight where I can make this happen! Thanks for the advice!

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    Congrats on the weight loss program. Under 200# wouldn't restrict any sport plane I'm thinking. IMHO the MOST important part of the decision (assuming finance isn't an issue) is whether or not there are any SP instructors and schools anywhere near you. Next is how far away is an LSA available to rent. Here in the Chicago area there aren't many at all. Buying your own LSA is of course always an option if you have an abundance of cash available.

    MOSAIC could still take a looooong time to be enacted, and I do agree that having the fleet of 150s and 172s available would eliminate the unavailable rental LSA reality.
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    Congrats on both the weight loss program and getting the aviation fire lit again!
    With regard to the colorblindness issue, have you tested for a Statement of Demonstrated Ability (SODA)? Forty years ago or so I had a student who could not pass the FAA color vision test. Longer story shorter, one night he went to a tower controlled field with a fed in the cockpit with him. While at the end of the runway, the tower went through a pre-planned series of light gun signals with the student calling out the colors as he saw them. Despite his issues with the standard office test, he scored perfect in the real world of official aviation colors and was granted a medical with the SODA.

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