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Thread: Aeroflash Strobe Light/Flash Tube

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    Aeroflash Strobe Light/Flash Tube

    Hello. My trusty old Aeroflash anticollision strobe flash tube assembly P/N 073-0141 burned out and I was saddened to learn that Aeroflash is no longer in business. Whelen seems to offer a replacement for Aeroflash's $30 flash tube assembly for $230 but at that price I was thinking about seeing if I could track down just the flash tube part number and replace it (just the flash tube) for far less money. Buy chance has anyone tried do this and if so would you be able to share the flash tube part number with me. Thank you.

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    Don't know if this will help you, but I just now Googled - "aeroflash flash tube for sale"- and a whole bunch of them came up?
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    Believe it or not I've checked just about every posting on Google. Unless the assembly is a 073-0141 the base won't fit the light housing/lens. I was able to purchase a 073-0141 on eBay and I'm hoping that it is as advertised. It arrives later this week and I've got my fingers crossed. However, as a fallback plan I'm trying to find out if I can get the component part numbers and rebuild the old one. I need the trigger capacitor and the flashtube part numbers. I've also plan to keep my eyes open for any 073-0141 NOS. Thanks for your response!

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    The new flashtube came today and it works just fine. My anticollision light is back in operation!

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