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Thread: Hand Thrown Parachute?

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    Hand Thrown Parachute?

    According to AC103-7, when you include a parachute on an ultralight, you get an additional 24 lbs. Based on the parachute exclusion section of Apendix 4, Sheet 23 of 24, it could be hand deployed or ballistically deployed. Are there any recommendations for a hand deployed model that would work on an ultralight?

    I am in the planning stages of building an Affordaplane.

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    Hand thrown parachutes were once available, but I don't think anybody makes them any more, except for smaller ones for paragliders and hang gliders.

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    Thank you. Dennis from U-FLY-IT told me the hand thrown one's took so long to open it was a moot point by the time it got filled, so that's why they went to the ballistic ones.

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