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So I have posted several times on here about colleges and other things of the such. I really like Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, but as many of you know, it is not the cheapest college around by any means. Right now I am looking into professional flight (Pilot) with another degree in possibly engineering or business (The second degree I am not sure on, but I know I want something to fall back on incase the airlines take a turn for the worst.) Back to the point though, I was wondering if ERAU was really worth all of the expenses that come with it. Will going to ERAU increase my chances of getting hired on by an airline? Would ERAU look better than other well known colleges with aviation programs such as University of North Dakota or Purdue? Any advice or ideas will be greatly appreciated!
Could you give an update on your present position and how things are working out. I would have recommended Univ of North Dakota over Emery Riddle. ER has good acadamic cources but I was not impressed with the flight program. To expensive and local FBO could do as well or possibley better flight training. No direct experiance with U of ND but I have heard many good things.