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Thread: Solidedge - Free CAD program by Siemens

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    Solidedge - Free CAD program by Siemens

    Welcome to the Siemens SolidEdge member benefit discussion forum. Please post any questions, comments, or concerns on this thread about the Solidedge product offered through EAA Member Benefits. This thread will be monitored and questions forwarded to Siemens for clarification as needed.

    To start off, I will answer the following questions that were asked on another thread:

    1. The SolidEdge download page offers this software to "any active maker, CAD enthusiast, or design challenge competitor." What's special about EAA's relationship with Siemens, or, put a different way, what's special about this deal for EAA members?
    You're right! Siemens's generous offer of free software to all users is a testament to their strong partnership with EAA and their valued sponsorship of our AeroEducate program. This collaboration not only ensures the continued support of our youth programs, but it also promises exciting future content on how to utilize SolidEdge. EAA members will also enjoy a remarkable 25% discount on monthly or annual subscriptions for Solid Edge mechanical design, CAM, technical publications, and wiring and harness design products.

    2. After the SOLIDWORKS debacle, I'm a little gun-shy. Will Siemens want to put their hand in my pocket a couple of years form now, once I've invested time in learning their software and drawing my projects?
    That's a great question. The license you receive when you download SolidEdge is valid for 3 years. After that time, you will be asked to "renew" the program, but Siemens has stated that this will be at no cost. This means that you can continue using SolidEdge indefinitely, as long as you renew your license every 3 years.

    3. Will EAA or Siemens provide any support specifically for EAA members, or will the SolidEdge Community Forum be the only avenue for support?
    The SolidEdge Community is your best source of support, but we are also developing a webinar series specifically for our members and homebuilders. This series will give you the opportunity to interact with a Siemens SolidEdge professional, so you can ask questions and get help with specific homebuilding and aviation solutions. The introduction webinar will be held on August 30, 2023 and will be available on our website after. Additional webinar dates will be announced in eHotline and on the EAA webinars homepage.

    4. Does the software permit local storage of users' design files (on my own computer only), or is this an online-only product? Does it require public sharing of my designs?
    You can store your drawings locally on your computer, or you can choose to save them online. Your drawings are yours, and they will not share them without your permission.

    Additional FAQ and system requirements can be found at

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    The other thread that Meagan mentioned is here. There is some additional discussion and detail there.

    Thanks again, Meagan, for engaging with the membership on this.
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