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Thread: EAA Chapters external to USA / Canada

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    EAA Chapters external to USA / Canada

    Hi all

    Just a quick question...trying to identify if there any Chapters outside the USA / Canada. I've had a look at the Chapter map but it does not show any.

    I'm an EAA member since 2004 based in the UK and I see lots of posts on social media re EAA from others in Europe and got to wondering if a Chapter must be based your side of the Pond ?. Probably a valid reason why none shown / listed over here but thought I'd ask anyway.

    Fly Safe all


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    Hi, Gary

    there are chapters outside of North America, but apparently just not in your area. In the Chapter locator,, there is a drop-down box to select a country, and there are 17 countries listed, but not UK. (Nor England nor Great Briton.) My best guess is that only countries that have chapters are listed. Maybe it's time to get together with some buddies and start a chapter.


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