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Thread: Flycom Helmet audio is not loud enough. I need help!

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    Flycom Helmet audio is not loud enough. I need help!

    I purchased a new Flycom helmet with twin GA Jacks to be used in my new AutoGyro MTO Sport (open cockpit), but the overall volume is not loud enough. I have a Garmin G3X and have turned all audio settings to maximum. Also installed is the Garmin GTR 20 comm radio. The volume control on the helmet is also at maximum. I am able to hear my own voice and hear air traffic, but only at a low volume. I tested the Flycom helmet in two other planes and the volume was adequate. I also tested my David Clark H10-13 S headset in my gyroplane and the volume was adequate. There just seems to be a problem with the Flycom helmet in my gyroplane. I'm out of ideas. I like the helmet and want to use it. Has anyone else experienced this with their Flycom helmet? Thanks

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    The only thing that comes to mind is that you received a "Standard" Flycom helmet instead of the "GA" model. This might have low-impedance speakers instead of the standard aviation ~300 ohm ones. But the headset shouldn't have worked adequately on the other aircraft, if that were the case.

    Ron Wanttaja

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