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Thread: FS: AeroClassic 8.50x6 Smooth Tundra Tires

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    FS: AeroClassic 8.50x6 Smooth Tundra Tires

    Update: Tires are sold, thanks!


    I'm building a Rans S-21, and part of the kit included a set of Aero Classic 8.50x6 smooth tires, 4 ply, tube type (tubes not included). This is the product link from Spruce:

    Anyway, I decided to use different tires for my build, so I'm trying to sell these. Let's say $600 for the pair? Or make an offer... I received them new with the kit in early 2022, never used; just been sitting in my garage until now, when I started thinking about what tires/gear I actually want on the plane.

    Located in Raleigh/Durham area of NC but can obviously ship elsewhere.

    I have the 8130s if needed. I can send pics as well, but like I said they've never been used so they look like, well, new tires.

    Steve Lin
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    I was really hoping to sell these tires - maybe I set the price too high? How about $500 for the pair - that's compared to about $700 for two of them from Spruce... As mentioned in the original post, they have never been used, but they've been in my garage for about a year.

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    PM sent.
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