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Thread: Hiss in Lightspeed Delta Zulu?

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    Hiss in Lightspeed Delta Zulu?

    Hi, All:

    I just got a Lightspeed Delta Zulu, and per the instructions set it up in a quiet place. But when I turned it on, I could hear a soft, persistent hiss. This is in contrast to my AirPods, that, when make things absolutely positively silent.

    I asked Lightspeed tech support, and they were ... just a tad ambiguous as to whether this was normal or not - they said try it in the airplane and see how I liked it.

    That was a discouraging answer, so I am turning to the experts here. If you have an LS DZ and turn it on in a quiet place, do you hear anything at all?

    Thanks for any info,


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    "Discouraging answer" indeed! Another way of saying it is "In the airplane, with so much other noise, that little hiss will be masked out". And they're correct. And they have a bunch of bad circuit boards out in our hands. I have a set of LS Zulu's, and recently it developed a low-level zzzzzz in one side. (BTW, zzzzz is not exactly the same as sssss, but similar as far as electronic failure is concerned. Neither are the same as a low-frequency "hmmmm", which is a grounding issue.)

    Your speakers are not creating the noise, just telling you the bad news. The bad news is: modern small circuit boards are built with micro-components, that are not replaceable by any but the most well-equipped shops. And that R&R cost is completely prohibitive for this level of product. Lightspeed would just replace the whole electronic unit, if they still stock them.

    Since I can't hear the problem in cruise, I'm just living with it. Problem is unlikely to get worse until the unit goes out altogether.

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