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Thread: KR-2 Project for sale - $750.00

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    KR-2 Project for sale - $750.00

    KR-2 project for sale. Fuselage completed and on original style retractable landing gear. Outer wing spars completed. Horizontal tail, elevator, and rudder completed. Outer wing spars completed. FPL-16a epoxy used throughout Includes birch plywood firewall, VW type 1 engine mount, and other misc. parts, original plans booklet. Plans # 1572.

    I began this project in 1876, but then inherited a T-18 project, and also have a 1967 MGB in need of restoration. I also have another classic plane that is flying and always seems to need attention. I am getting too old to complete all these projects, so something has to go. I am not trying to make any profit, I would just like this project to go to someone who has the skills, tools, and desire to finish and fly it.

    In the interest of full disclosure I will add that at some point over the years, mice set up housekeeping in the fuselage, and there are some dark stains in the plywood in places. I do not feel that the wood strength is compromised in any way, and it is only a cosmetic consideration. I want to make sure that is known in case it would be a show stopper for someone.

    Thanks for looking. More photos on request.

    Bob Hartmaier EAA 78889
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