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Thread: Welder's warning on Phosgene gas (from Brake Cleaner)

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    I don't use it. If The rotors, calipers, whatever need cleaned that bad they come off & go in the blast cabinet or parts washer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eiclan View Post
    Just so you guys know,the fumes from brake cleaner even without heating it up is very bad for your kidneys. I was a trailer mech in a trucking yard and used it a lot in the pit,fumes everywhere.It effected my kidneys and now I am very sensitive to those hydrocarbon fumes. If you must use it then use some sort of gas mask not a dust type;unless you do what the troops did in the trenches in ww1 and urinate on your dust mask. True they did.
    so all I can say is keep away from the stuff completely. Cheers Ross in Australia
    Even if you use a proper absorption respirator, you need to protect your skin. These chlorinated solvents will pass into your body readily though your skin. Liver damage, nerve damage, etc. Not good.
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    As a retired union welder my fellow workers would go into process plants and do shut downs for maintenance,updates,additions etc. They were run on a tight schedule as to loose the least amount of production time as possible.another welder and myself were putting in some sample valves and instrumentation fixtures,I asked the company safety guy what was in the line and it was one of those 16 letter chemicals,so I asked if the line had been flushed and vented,he said he didn't know,so I'm already on this guy's shit list for holding up the show,but I insisted on the flush and venting. Another welder from my local was on this same line only in a different part of the facility, that night he was in the motel room next to mine and I heard this horrendous coughing for quite awhile and then a loud thump. I went to investigate,had to get the desk attendant, the guy was red as a beet and breathing really raspy, he was DOA. We had both been TIG welding this stainless line but his segment had not been vented or flushed properly. This guy had the same training as I but due to the pressure of being on schedule he tried to dodge a bullet by just having a fan blowing, not proper procedure. When welding on anything make sure it is clean of any contaminants,paints,coatings and the like,explosions,health hazards are all immediate dangers when adding that kind of heat.

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    Commercial warning

    Article: "Tetrachloroethylene, a deadly danger in brake cleaner":
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    Are non-clorinated brake cleaners that are advertised as VOC compliant and "recommended Restrictions" None Known" better?

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