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Thread: Welder's warning on Phosgene gas (from Brake Cleaner)

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    Welder's warning on Phosgene gas (from Brake Cleaner)

    I think we've covered this elsewhere, but I wanted to be sure this is posted here for anyone that practices welding or is building a metal tube airplane.

    Chad Jensen
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    Workshop Safety

    That was a chilling article. I keep MSDS in my hangar for many of the products I commonly use, but I must admit that even I never heard of that particular toxic combination.

    I think people need to know what they are using and what the dangers are. Furthermore they need to know what to do if something bad happens. The best thing the MSDS can do is tell you how to properly avoid getting into trouble with that product. But if you have some sort of chemical exposure, the MSDS can tell the paramedics what to do to get you treated properly and promptly.

    This safety stuff is not just for when you are at work.

    Dave Prizio

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    Phosgene was one of the first gases used in chemical warfare during World War I. Really nasty stuff as those who survived gas attacks could attest.

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    Wow! Thanks for that bit of info, Chad. Very enlightening, indeed.


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    Yes, it has been covered before. But like all good safety posts, this does need to be repeated periodically. Thanks!

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    Interestingly enough, I mentioned this issue to a welder friend of mine and he had never heard of using brake fluid as a parts cleaner. Perhaps this is an old technique and not as pertinent today.

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    Not brake fluid - it was "Brake Cleaner" it comes in a aerosol can, available at most auto parts & farm stores.

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    Tetra is bad stuff even at room temperature. It's a known carcinogen.

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    Just so you guys know,the fumes from brake cleaner even without heating it up is very bad for your kidneys. I was a trailer mech in a trucking yard and used it a lot in the pit,fumes everywhere.It effected my kidneys and now I am very sensitive to those hydrocarbon fumes. If you must use it then use some sort of gas mask not a dust type;unless you do what the troops did in the trenches in ww1 and urinate on your dust mask. True they did.
    so all I can say is keep away from the stuff completely. Cheers Ross in Australia

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