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Thread: First time visitor-some questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by G-ASHX View Post
    Given the previous comments, should we pick up our wristbands on Sunday pm (the tickets are paid for)
    Lines go fast either way, but also, Sunday is one of the best days of the event . . . no airshow announcers, the busiest day for aircraft arrivals, smaller crowds.

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    Get a good pair of walking shoes and break them in now. Hat with a brim, sunscreen, cotton breathable clothes.
    If you are staying multiple days..........I usually visit the Museum during the afternoon airshow, as they are mostly the same each day, it's during the heat of the day and I appreciate the air conditioning at that time of day.
    The lighter aircraft (ultralights and Balloons )typically use the "crack of dawn" for lighter winds.
    There is a free little newspaper called "AirVenture Today" available all over the field, it has the schedule for the day and the next day, along with some informative articles about other attendee's............( I also collect the weeks worth to take home to re-read and extend my experience a bit)

    I usually , upon arriving , head down to the ultralight area to watch the light wind fliers and the work my way back up the flight line to the other end. (and in my younger days , repeat all day long) these days I use the trams a great deal more than in the past.
    Watch the schedules for forums and workshops and make side excursions to those that interest you. Also at some point early in the day peruse the workshop area to check the actual schedules on the boards outside each tent, as they can change. ( some new or weird aircraft may show up and have a discussion about it)

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    One strategy is to take a look at the weather forecast and plan the museum visit for a rainy day.

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    If you’re into checking out the show planes don’t forget the mass exodus starts on Wednesday, so I would plan a museum visit for later in the week. To add to Tired A&P, get accustomed to being on your feet for long hours. I would recommend having an extra pair of socks especially if it rains.
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