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Thread: Digital Logbook Recommendation

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    Digital Logbook Recommendation

    I am a rusty private pilot in my 60ís obtaining flight training to become current again. My logbook is paper (200 hours) and I was considering duplicating it (as a backup) in digital format and log flights in both my paper and digital logbooks going forward. My flights are personal (not commercial) and I am not looking for a career in aviation. Would you have a recommendation for a digital logbook? There are many on the market, even ones that feature the option to add photos (seems like a good feature). My concern is being forced to renew an annual subscription to be able to view my logbook as is the case with ForeFlight. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Myflightbook. It's free, has an app for live logging (Apple and Android), web interface for historical stuff, it's free, gives you all kinds of reports, lets you add pictures, it's free, you can make a printed copy, it will export to several different formats, and did I mention it's free? They do take donations, and I've given them a little.
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    I use Zululog. It's also free for a individual pilots. I used the free version for a few years then bought a subscription for the extra security.

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    Why not just a Google (free, web based) spreadsheet?

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