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Thread: Returns to Aircraft Spruce & Speciality

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    Returns to Aircraft Spruce & Speciality

    Now looking for an alternate source for supplies. Been ordering stuff from AS&S for many years. For the first time, I had to return something; 16 rings/seals. Bags never opened. I can't believe the amount of aggravation I'm getting trying to return them. Been trying for over a month. Of four identical rings, they eventually issued a return authorization for only three. I lost count of the number of email exchanges I've had. I had also sent close up photos of the parts. I had the parts long enough that I have to pay 15% restocking, but I can't even get to that point. If you need to return something, it may not be as easy as you think.

    Update. Rob Irwin, VP, Marketing, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, Co, sent me a note and it's all fixed.
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    My experience on returns has always been excellent. ACS ain't perfect, but it has served me well for almost 3 decades.

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