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Thread: HBC Parking Into The Wind

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    The level of damage we are talking about in this thread is that of banging control surfaces around which is most definitely minimized by having the airplane pointed into the wind. When we get to failed tiedowns, there is not likely that much you can do to prevent damage, and it is also more of a one off event that will have who knows what direction of wind.
    Before mine, there were four posts in this thread mentioning tie-downs and six mentioning gust locks.

    I'm not concerned about banging control surfaces as long as I remember to install my gust locks. And if I forget, at least the damage will be confined to my plane, whereas a tie-down failure could total multiple aircraft. My gust locks hold the elevator in a slightly downward position, so a tie-down failure risk is minimized by having the airplane pointed away from the wind.

    I have seen planes parked at Oshkosh with external spoilers that look like small pool noodles on top of the wings to prevent the wings being lifted by a strong wind.
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