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Thread: AirVenture 2022 - The Good, Bad, and Ugly

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHICAGORANDY View Post
    This year I worked the Blue tram route all 9 days on the morning 8:00-2:00 shift.
    The really good! I finally got to hear CHICAGORANDY's jokes! Unfortunately, it was just while chowing on a Major Goolsby burger near the tram stop, so I did not get the opportunity to say hi. We spend most of our time further north (we are homebuilders after all), so we didn't actually ride a blue tram.

    The trams did seem much better this year. Shhh, don't tell anyone about the secret homebuilder Purple tram!

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    The Purple is a 'relatively' new creation, maybe 4 years old now? Most of the passengers I've seen on it are the vendors since we stop close by their parking lot. Hopefully it will gain notice and use by more attendees. From a tram volunteer perspective I would have to admit that Purple IS the most boring, fewest passenger count route we run. I must assume at least 'some' homebuilders find it a convenience?
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