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Thread: Cell Service in Scholler

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    Cell Service in Scholler


    It's become high time that you start working with the major cell providers to build up the infrastructure in the western part of Camp Scholler (in fact, really site wide). I've had (Verizon) extremely poor service and others with other providers have had similar experiences.

    I am sure most of the die-hards here will pontificate that Airventure is the perfect time to disconnect, but for several that have to wag their kids and families along, it's tough keeping their sanity in this day in age. I've also had to chase into town to find a stable connection a couple of times to be able to take a work Teams call or two.

    Please don't dismiss this as whining, even setting up some temporary antennas similar to those in the main grounds would be appreciated. Use it as a sponsorship opportunity, etc.

    Thanks for listening.

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    In recent years, it seemed to be better overall, not just Scholler. This year seems to have taken a step back. At least with ATT. As in years past, it two parties are on the field, calls and txts will not go thru. If I call me neighbor 1200 mi away, no prob.

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    It indeed sucks. It's better if you drive up the road a bit, but even with the temporary cells installed on the grounds, the thing still gets bogged down during the show days.

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    Agreed. I use AT&T. Yesterday at noon I was outside Hangar C, tried to text a photo to my wife. Little circle just went around & around... So I deleted the text, edited the photo to be smaller (only 600k bytes), then it sent ok the second time. Seems like bandwidth is very inadequate.

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