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Thread: GoPro MAX 360 Video Editing Tutorial with Adobe Premiere Pro

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    GoPro MAX 360 Video Editing Tutorial with Adobe Premiere Pro

    The GoPro Max 360 camera is changing the way pilots shoot video of their aviation adventures. The high quality and flexibility of this camera is amazing. It captures a 3 hundred and 60 degree view of everything that surrounds it, and puts it into single file. The Magic of movement is done in post, using a video editor that accesses a special plug-in.

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    My experience in video editing has shown me how crucial the post-production phase is in transforming 360-degree footage into a polished final product. While Adobe Premiere Pro is widely known for its comprehensive support for 360 video editing, including specialized plugins, other options exist.

    In my journey, especially after switching to a Windows computer for its superior video editing capabilities, I found Movavi surprisingly versatile. It's been beneficial for handling the unique challenges of 360-degree video editing. Movavi's intuitive interface, akin to iMovie's simplicity, is excellent for beginners, while its range of advanced features, like creative filters and Chroma Key, cater to more experienced users. These features have been instrumental in refining my GoPro Max 360 footage, adding that professional flair. For those interested in exploring Movavi's features for 360 video editing, checking out their site could be pretty insightful.
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