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Thread: Operation Thirst

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    Operation Thirst

    Does anyone know if/how one can sign up to volunteer on an Operation Thirst truck prior to the show? Does Operation Thirst even still exist?

    In the past I've always ducked in the trailer and signed up for a shift when onsite. But this year I'll be limited to just a couple days. But I like volunteering in this way (give back a little, see a LOT of the field). I seem to recall a couple years ago they moved Operation Thirst under a food service or or similar.

    Thanks in advance!
    Brian K. Schermerhorn

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    They moved their location to a green building behind the volunteer kitchen a few years ago. Not sure if the truck is based at that location or not, but I'm certain somebody there can get you to the right location if they are not.

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    I believe there are two different operation thirst operations. One operates before the show starts and the other picks up when the show starts. I've got a friend who volunteers making sandwiches for one or the other. There are volunteer info places around the show that can direct you to the right place.

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    The volunteer building you’re referring to is just south of the volunteer kitchen on the corner of Schiak and Forest Home near the Red One Market barn.
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