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    One of my friends, on the other side of the country, may not be able to make AirVenture 2022 and has an AC room reserved and paid for. He and his wife have rental property damage that they are fixing up and is questioning if he will be able to make it to OSH this year. Since the room has been paid for more than 6-months, my understanding is that he will get none of his money back.

    I believe that they started requiring ID when one checks in to pick up their dorm room key.

    I have seen people sell their room in the dorm and others that have reserved more than one room. My question is how would my friend transfer his room to someone else if there is a requirement to show ID when checking in?

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    For the last few years I have been reserving a suite at the dorms and sharing it with friends who live and travel separately. I have asked workers at the dorms by email and in person: Is there a way I can assure that my friends can check in if I am late or cannot attend. The answer I have gotten is: "No, it's the law". When pushed, they waffle a bit, but officially the answer is: "No, the person who has the reservation must check in". I don't like this policy. They should be able to list more than one name on the reservation.

    If anyone has been successful solving this problem, I would love to hear it.

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