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Thread: Concert?

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    Quote Originally Posted by turtle View Post
    Well, we heard from the lonely old guys that want to keep Airventure, err, sorry, "Oshkosh" or "The Show", pure. Maybe you lot would be happier if people were required to show their pilots license to get through the gate? Keep out the riffraff that doesn't know the difference between a cub and a champ? No wonder GA is dying.

    Airventure is a fundraiser. The EAA is not "spending member dollars". If they did a cooking show, they'd be making more than they put in. All on the backs of free labor, too. If you can keep people on the grounds instead of sending them an hour away for entertainment, that's more $10 hamburgers and $40 t-shirts you can sell. A concert or theater keeps people there when the exhibits close for the day. It also make it more tolerable to families, who buy more than one guy roughing it. The EAA makes Vegas casinos look like amateurs. The free bottled water fiasco was enough to prove the show hasn't been a grassroots aviation fly-in for a long time.

    And let's be honest here. How many "members" are only members because they were forced into it? Two people for just two days is all it takes to make a membership worthwhile. If you want to stay overnight your choices are a $400/night hotel (booked almost a year in advance) or with a mandatory membership you can camp in a field. No need to care about the "spirit of aviation", just want to see loud planes do loops. Membership numbers are grossly inflated by one-offs during the show. If you're worried about spending member dollars, maybe look into the full color renewal packages they keep harassing people with. How much of your dues went into multiple mailings to those one timers?
    I guess personal attacks on our forum is welcoming to potential new aviators? I'm out.
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    I also play guitar and bass so I really enjoyed all the performances over the years, especially the jam sessions down by the Red Barn. Remember when Gary Sinese's Lt. Dan Band played down at Theater in the Woods? Then that year when Big Bad Voodoo Daddy played Aeroshell Square midweek.

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