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Thread: Helmet recommendations for an open cockpit gyroplane

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    Helmet recommendations for an open cockpit gyroplane

    I am looking to purchase a helmet for my AutoGyro MTOsport 2017 gyroplane (open cockpit) and would like some recommendations. My flight instructor recommends the Flycom FH-1V-GA helmet, manufactured in the United Kingdom. I borrowed one and found it to be comfortable and communications were very clear. I would like to try on other helmets but donít know where to go. Everything seems to be online anymore. Does anyone have experience with the Flycom helmet? Any other recommendations? I live in southeastern NJ. Thanks.

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    There are multiple vendors of new and used flight helmets. is in CT.

    Bonehead Composites is in CA is in MD

    Lift Aviation is in WI

    There are others, including some that have ultralight specific products. I am an airplane guy so you may want to apply your Google-fu to find them.

    For what its worth I fly with a helmet that does not have built in comms and put a Clarity Aloft headset under it. Great noise protection.

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    Regardless of which vendor you choose make sure you mention that you’re buying a helmet for rotorcraft use. The suspension systems between a fixed wing and rotor wing helmets are very different by design.
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