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Thread: The wait…..

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    The wait…..

    I hate waiting for Osh. Washed the camper the other day. Gonna tug it up there in two or three weeks.

    Working all the overtime for all the stuff I “need” that I find up there.

    What are you doing to pass the time?

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    I almost like the wait as much as the event. I've been planning and getting my stuff together since April.

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    I hear ya, I start getting anxious about a month out. I took my son up to the EAA museum Sunday and drove around the grounds, took a peek at where our campsite is. I find the time seems to go by pretty fast leading up to it for me. 4th of July weekend, our wedding anniversary and my wife's birthday are in July, so there's a lot of stuff to keep time moving! I get on my wife's nerves when I bring stuff up almost daily I think LOL. I'm already planning meals, what days we're going to do what. Can't wait!

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