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Thread: De-Registered Aircraft

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    De-Registered Aircraft

    I am looking at purchasing a Zodiac that was De-Registered by it's builder. This was back when there were some crashes but before the "upgrade" kit was available. The builder decided to sell but chose to de-register the plane before selling. They checked the box saying that the reason for dropping registration was that the plane was destroyed. It has been sitting in a the shop of a non-pilot for about 10 years. It is in really good shape and includes the wing upgrade kit. Here is my question:

    How would I re-register it? I have been talking with our local FAA office but they can't seem to give me a clear answer.

    Any help would be great!


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    This question comes up time and time again. Some people do this to avoid liability. Once an amateur-built aircraft has been "destroyed", there is no legal way to resurrect it.

    You might be able to certificate it in the experimental exhibition category, but that would not meet the "intent" of the rule.
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    Order 8100.19

    You may be correct on this one and it needs to be parted out.
    One possibility I found seems to be through Order 8100.19. This seems to be a process buy which an aircraft is repaired to the point it could be registered again. It's not exactly the situation I have but it could be interpreted that way. In my case the "repair" could be the wing upgrade and inspection before registration.
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