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Thread: Can't start 3DExperiencLauncher

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    Can't start 3DExperiencLauncher

    I originally installed 3DExperienceLauncher in March, now when I try to launch it I get a window that says to download the .msi file and run it then click the Continue button. I do all of that and the window launches again to do it all over again. I even tried uninstalling 3DExperienceLauncher and then reinstalling, no joy. I'm extreamly frustrated at this point, the troubleshooting tips that are displayed in the window don't work.

    I need some help.
    Bruce Finney
    N18JF T-18C #262
    Yelm, WA USA

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    Update: after reading through the Solidworks forums there was a discussion about browsers, I changed from using the Brave browser to Firefox and that has fixed my problem for now.
    Bruce Finney
    N18JF T-18C #262
    Yelm, WA USA

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