This posting system just auto-deleted my brilliant post because it was 1 character too short for preview, so you'll have to read this poor recollection instead. Hopefully this will pad out enough characters to save my blood pressure.

OK, so as near as I can remember:

I want to design/build an engine test stand for my Subaru EH99 1000cc V-twin engine. Any ideas/suggestions?

I was thinking of using mild steel (stick welded for simplicity's sake) - perhaps 2 inch angle iron or square tube, or a combo. The test stand should serve double duty as a test stand and an engine mount for an air cart that I plan to use to test systems/components for my eventual powered parachute cart. I've got an ultraprop 1 with 3 and 4 blade configurations, and a redrive for low power testing (<2000rpm on the EH99) that was used on a powered paraglider with a Harbor Freight 670cc V-twin.

My test cart currently has a plywood deck for attaching items in a flexible fashion to work out what will work best for the eventual tube frame.

I love this hobby and the people in it!

Thanks, Michael