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Thread: Pets at Camp Scholler

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    Pets at Camp Scholler

    I was just looking at the Camp Scholler map and noticed in the legend it states that pets are not allowed in the camping areas. Is this true? Is it a new policy? I know in the past there was a separate area for pets. Later, pets were allowed everywhere in the campground. Can someone confirm the policy for Airventure 2022?


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    Hi Malcolm, thanks for bringing this discrepancy to light. That statement was on the map by mistake and we are in the process of updating that page now to remove the statement as pets are allowed in Camp Scholler. I have copied our official policy on Pets in Camp Scholler below and it can also be found under the General Camping Guidelines on our website.

    AirVenture is not a safe environment for animals due to the heightened sights and sounds. When possible, finding safer arrangements for your pet is highly recommended; however, if you decide to bring your pet, please follow these guidelines for everyone’s enjoyment and safety:

    • Pet camping is available in Camp Scholler only.
    • Pets left unattended must be kept in well ventilated camping unit.
    • Pets must be on a lead at all times.
    • Leads may not be longer than 8 feet.
    • Clean up after your pet.
    • No pets are allowed on the AirVenture convention site.
    • Pets found loose will be turned over to the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department.
    • Campers are subject to relocation or expulsion should staff receive complaints due to excessive pet noise or any other pet guideline violation.
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