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    Kit Donation

    Iím interested in donating my Sonex-B standard gear kit (FW back) to a group that will actually finish it. Iíd prefer donating to a chapter with a very active young eagles program or even to a student aero non-profit group. Iíve reached out to some local chapters and have not heard anything back. If you know of anyone who might be interested or be able to help coordinate, please let me know. Iím in the Chicago area. I have tail feathers completed and wing ribs ready to go, but other than that, the kit is all but unused. It is the quick build kit with the prebuilt spars.

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    That's very generous, Mike. I hope you find a Chapter or school that can use your kit to get a group of kids excited about aviation!
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    She’s gone. Thanks.

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    Thank you for your generosity. I hope a chapter puts it to great use.

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    Chapter 35 near Waco Texas has a good history of completions and young eagle activities.
    We have just completed a Wayex B project.

    Phil Perry is our chapter president.

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