Hello members... I need some help,

I am building an EVTOL that I designed to fit into the FAA ultralight category. I would like to get in touch with other members that have interest in this sort of thing and share/ pass along information on power systems, flight control systems/auto pilot, batteries, etc.
After building and testing three quarter scale prototype variations, I have started construction on a full-size prototype. All the CAD work for this design is now complete, and I have started the CNC work and the construction of the plugs for the full-scale body shell and panels, etc.
My background in aerodynamics, composite construction and plug / mold building makes creating the final Carbon Fiber shell and panels relatively straight forward. I however fall short in the knowledge of the electronics and flight control set up, etc. needed for its operation. The simplistic design takes off vertically and transitions into forward fight and then transitions back again for landing. It can also be flown as just a conventional aircraft with great short field capability.
Looking forward... I need to decide on the power system and batteries, flight control system/auto pilot and several other more general aspects of the build.
I am hoping there are members with an interest in EVTOL ultralights and we could all get together.
I look forward to hearing from you.