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Thread: EVTOL... ultralight... I would like to discuss this with interested members

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    Quote Originally Posted by rwanttaja View Post
    Shoot, dude...when has fear of writing a long post ever stopped ME? :-)

    Your stuff is a pleasure to read, and I'm glad you bring your expertise here. It's a refreshing change from guys who say, "I'm agin' it 'cause Joe Smedlap on says it'll curdle the milk and bring on global armageddon!!!"

    Ron Wanttaja
    Thank you for the info... I am glad to see there is interest in this and hope it will continue...

    I based my EVTOL ultralight design on using an electric or hybrid electric power system. These power systems and battery systems are already in use with huge leaps forward being made constantly due to the Government back programs, current business ventures, start up companies and etc.. I have no doubt that this tech will trickle down to civilian aviation and ultralights. Not a question of "if" but "when" I would love to see this available to every individual ultra light enthusiast.
    This design can operate (take off and land) as a conventional ultralight airplane or take off vertically, transition to conventional airplane mode and then back again for vertical landing or take off vertically and land as a conventional ultralight airplane. The construction of the full size prototype is moving along nicely with only some minor alterations needed so far. If you are reading this and know of any companies that offer flight controls, power systems, hardware, software, etc. pertaining to EVTOL operation... please pass it along. I appreciate all the info I can get. Thank you all again

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    Hello justsomeguy,

    I am also interested in EVTOL (ultralight helicopters) and have expertise in power electronics but am lacking in the aerodynamics area. I am also lacking in knowing how to exchange information via forums. That is, how do I provide my email address or phone number without broadcasting it to China? I will be happy to help wherever I can.

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    "how do I provide my email address or phone number without broadcasting it to China?"

    Hi Jim, if you click on anyone's underlined name just below the blue bar and date of a post, you will see the option to send a private message. Only the recipient will see it.
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