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    Chipper SS

    Our Chapter was gifted a partial Chipper SS single seat kit of 2019 vintage. We have found instructions on assemble of the wings, tail feathers and cabin but have no information on how those parts are attached to each other or how the landing gear and engine/prop are configured. Has anyone got a complete set of build manuals or knowledge of this ultralight? Any help would be appreciated.

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    The Chipper SS is a new design based on James Wiebe's earlier UltraCub and ProCub ultralights, adapted to mirror the appearance and construction techniques of the Experimental Amateur-Built Chipper. Your kit is almost certainly one of the original thirty or so E/A-B Chippers that were sold before the company had a fire at their factory in June 2019 and ceased operations.

    The good news is that Mr. Wiebe has resumed support for the design and is working on resuming production of the E/A-B and the new ultralight. There's an email address and phone number on their website, here.

    Steel yourself for some frustration. A colleague who's building a Chipper (also a second-hand kit) says that the builder guidance is somewhat lacking.
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