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Thread: Hickory Oaks Campground to OSH22

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    Hickory Oaks Campground to OSH22

    I have a RV spot reserved at Hickory Oaks right near the runway for OSH22. Does anyone have any intel on how best to get from the campsite to the flying? I heard there may be a church/school near with a shuttle. TIA

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    The campground looks to be 'about' 7 miles North of the EAA Museum? My first thought would be to call Hickory Oaks and ask them, you won't be the first person who sought transportation to AirVenture. After that? I dunno, a cab or an Uber can get you closer to the Main Gate? The AirVenture grounds maps show the connection points for the school buses, Bus Park and tram system. There is a North 40 school bus that stops at the North 40 entry gate.
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    Why not Uber or city bus(??) down to Gruenhagen Dorm and then take the shuttle bus to the main gate bus park??
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    Airmutt’s suggestions are what I’d do.
    An alternative to cab/Uber from campground is the #2 bus down to W Irving and Jackson and then a short walk to Blackhawk Commons to board the shuttle from the university to the airfield. Getting from the campground to the #2 bus will be your biggest challenge. Good luck.

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