I just acquired a TIO-540 case (narrow-deck) that I'm getting machined by Divco to change to parallel valve and downward exhaust. This will be going in to an F1 and I'll be doing gentleman's aerobatics, not competition.

The end result will be an AEIO-540. I've done a lot of work on IO-520s and I've owned a couple of IO-360 based planes. I've rebuilt Ducati engines, Porsche engines, etc.

I've got the parts catalog for the TIO-540-A1A as well as the AEIO-540-D4B5 (I like the Bendix 1200 series) and I've got questions, especially after watching quite a few IO-540 videos on YouTube of some incredible pieces of craftsmanship.

I don't want turbos. (Yes, I do, but .. no.) I am planning 10:1 pistons with parallel valve cylinders.

I want a very smooth, very close formation of parts making as much HP as possible while not destroying longevity. 300hp is plenty.

Here's the question. Since I'm building it up to be a best of breed from scratch engine, whats the best way to go about selecting a crank? A cam? Rocker roller cam arms? etc?

I saw a TIO-540 crank for sale. No part number listed. The listed crank for an AEIO-540 is either a 13E17648 or a 13E17653. The AEIO-540 parts catalog is spec'ed off of the wide deck engine. Is it the same for narrow deck?

I've got Dave Prizio's book "Powering your plane" on it's way from EAA HQ as I type this.

Rocket F-1 Serial# 230 (phase zero!) In parts-acquisition mode.
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