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Thread: Wherefort Art Thou, Experimenter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Boatright View Post

    Are we forever saddled with million dollar Turbine Geese, safety columns, plus some recycled content**?
    For the association that's called "progress"

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    I'm not certain that my comment was clear. I wasn't referring to the magazine that was published in addition to Sport Aviation. What is now Sport Aviation was originally titled The Experimeter and was, IIRC, published quarterly. It was all about the people who were designing and building as well as "how I did it" articles.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BJC View Post
    It was all about the people who were designing and building as well as "how I did it" articles.
    Man, wouldn't that be nice? As a builder with a project in progress, I feel like my local EAA chapter is of limited benefit. Nobody is building with wood, and I get puzzled looks when they find out that I am. EAA national does have some great "Hints for Homebuilders" videos and such, and I've done a couple of workshops at Oshkosh that were instrumental in convincing myself that I'm not crazy for thinking I can do this. Reading Sport Aviation, though, you wouldn't know they care much about homebuilders, especially those building from plans.

    One of my other pursuits was ham radio. ARRL's magazine has gone pretty much the same way over the years; lots of equipment reviews and articles about contesting and the organization itself, but not much technical content at all. Eventually it got briefly thumbed through before hitting the recycle bin. There's a German magazine that's fantastic - but no English translation.
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    I think the hands on workshops during AV are awesome and they really hark back to EAA’s roots. Big, big kudos to the volunteers who so generously give their time and and have the patience to deal with all thumbs guys like me ( really hoping that the glue stick stirrer come off my forehead before July :;
    Like the idea of a virtual Experimenter on this website. I find postings by talented guys like Frank Ginger or Ron W as interesting and informative as anything found in the print mag of years past. Also enjoy seeing what other guys are building and always liked the home builder hints too.
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