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Thread: AirVenture 2022

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmckinney View Post
    This will be consecutive year 23 (minus 2020 cancellation). We bring the camper over from MN in late June to Scholler, then fly 2 planes over (VariEze to HBP and Cherokee to GAC) on the Friday before the event starts. We stay until the end. Brought the VariEze over last year for the first time in 33 years. The original builder last flew it in in 1988. Controller said to land at or beyond the pink dot.

    I may have to do something similar to what you did, logistics wise, this year, only from a slighter greater distance. Can you share what the process is to actually set up in Scholler that early in June? I mean, is the check in process up and running that early? That must have been quite a bill for camping. Thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inspector Fenwick View Post
    I may have to do something similar to what you did, logistics wise, this year, only from a slighter greater distance. Can you share what the process is to actually set up in Scholler that early in June? I mean, is the check in process up and running that early? That must have been quite a bill for camping. Thanks in advance.
    I take the camper over on Scholler opening day (end of June) and usually arrive late morning. If you come this early you can get a spot in Paul's woods. It's nice to have shade. Most people just stake/ribbon out their campsite with their credentials and come in later with the campers, etc. I like to come over and get it positioned and have it ready to go when we arrive. You do have to start paying for it on that day through the end of the show, so the bill comes in high (>$750). But, we feel it is worth it to have quick entry/exit access and we eat all of our meals at our campsite and do not spend anything onsite ($$$) for food or drinks. We are there for 10 days. We have 4 kids (now ages 16-23) and have been bringing the camper over early for several years. We never thought of it back when the kids were ages 1-8 and we carted them from the far southwest side of the campgrounds.

    My son (23) and I then fly over the Thursday or Friday before opening day. My wife and daughters drive over Saturday morning. In 2019 and prior years, my daughter would bring my truck over. At the end of the week, my wife would drive the girls home, my son would fly the Cherokee back, and I would bring the camper back with my truck. Last year (2021), my son and I both flew over in separate planes. He brought the Cherokee and put in the North 40. He likes to sleep with the plane. I flew the VariEze and parked it in HBP with the other Canards. I flew the VariEze back to MN on the last Friday morning @ 6:00am (1:10 hour flight) and brought the truck back. I was back in Scholler by 12:30pm. We stayed the final weekend and then came home.

    Here was our spot in 2021 the day we dropped the camper off. You can see that the spots around us are just ribboned off by the others. Our location was just few steps to enter the grounds behind the hangars and Theater in the Woods.

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    If you haven't watched March's EAA Video Magazine, I suggest that you do so. It's chalked full of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 information. Watch Here:

    Here are my notes below:

    9:10-13:19 - EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022:
    • EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022, the 69th edition of EAA’s annual fly-in convention coming July 25-31 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
    • This year, there will be no COVID-19 restrictions in place like there was last year.
    • They are improving the parking signage.
    • They are sticking with the parking plan that was implemented in 2021 for 2022.
    • No Opening Night Concert for the second year in a row.
    • The 75th anniversary of the United States Air Force will be celebrated at the event. Read Here:
    • The 50th anniversary of the Van’s Aircraft RV series, which have become the world’s most popular kit airplanes, will be a major element of homebuilt aircraft activities at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022. Read More:
    • Flight of the Cats during the Air Show This lineup will feature the Grumman F6F Hellcat, Grumman F8F Bearcat, and Grumman F4F Wildcat.
    • Top Gun: Maverick is supposedly scheduled to be shown at EAA's Fly-In Theater on Friday, July 29th.
    • When volunteers gather at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 2022 to build an airplane in a week, that Sonex Waiex will feature a Rotax 912iS engine, bringing top engine technology to the One Week Wonder project. The One Week Wonder will start construction on Monday, July 25th — the opening day of AirVenture — with a goal to taxi the airplane during the final day’s air show on Sunday, July 31st.
    • Two Honor Flights will take place this year. They are scheduled for Tuesday, July 26th and Friday, July 29th.
    • EAA Young Eagles 30th Anniversary Information:

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    Thanks for providing the above links, FlyinAdamBadger.
    The USAF anniversary should result in a few interesting types participating, both in-service and historic. The flight of the cats sounds great and I can't wait to see the display. Hopefully, at least one Tigercat will attend to complete the set. After a two-year absence due to Covid, I'm looking forward to returning to worship at the Temple of Aviation.

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    Maybe someone from staff can answer this one. Are the new grounds and shuttle maps going to be posted soon ?

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    How are they going to handle sanitation this year? Since the virus is kicking up again, it would be nice to know they are not kicking it under the rug!

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    I'm still on the fence about this year. I drive over from NYC and with gas prices hitting nearly 6 bucks a gallon and me with my not very thrifty F-150 going it alone this year....well, I'm gonna have to think real hard on this one this year. Combined with all the campground fees from parking to site costs (sadly they are separate now, didn't used to be...)plus admission of course, this was a fairly cheap trip that isn't going to be this year. When I went with friends it was an affordable good time, by oneself, not so much so. Despite this I wish all a great time who make it there this year!
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    Its only money

    just spent a week in Oshkosh getting ready for the big event

    Parked my plane in hangar C
    taxied out this morning--wish I had a video of my bonanza crossing aeroshell square

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    I am going to Oshkosh but without the camper I live 1000 miles away and 10 mpg with the camper and one night each way at a campground . My Grandson and I will drive straight thru and tent it . Will save a thousand bucks . If gas goes to 10 a gallon I won't go .

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    Will they have the water melon feast at the Sea Plane base this year? If so, Are they limiting the number of guest?

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