So I have been coming to OSH since the 70's and have arrived via most conveyances, including cruising sailboat, but not submarine or Amtrak. I have slept under the wing (no tent) when the airfield transportation system was to jump on a moving farm wagon, and the porta potties had no "occupied" indication. Since that first time, I thought it would be quite a fund raiser for a local or group of local EAA Chapters, or Scout Troops, or even VAA to offer, for a fee, the following services which would make my Airventure World PERFECT!!

1. Provide a portal for shipping (both receiving at Oshkosh and shipping back home) stuff. Yes, I know that there are already options for shipping into and out of....Airventure. But then how do I schlep 150# of stuff to my palatial parking spot on I-195 in Vintage? I google earthed that distance from row 85 to Building A, and it is 325 miles (possibly I used the wrong scale)....But that dilemma brings up my next add on to the fund raising idea...

2. Provide a "uber" like service ON THE FIELD, where golf carts could be used to deliver my stuff, right to my STILL WARM, aircraft, while I am tying it down. Yes, I am asking for a lot, there, but with cell phones, it would be a direct call to a local number, "hey, I am here, they parked me in Row 84, grey and white Cessna 195, I will see you when I see you...thanks".

I can haul a lot of stuff to OSH. But the guy in a Champ of Ercoupe cannot. Even though I can haul a lot, every other year, I might be dealing with kinfolk that are flying BACK HOME with me. That sort of deal would be a 1 way shipping situation as I would be able to get everything to OSH but not get it back. So my options are to ship or find a kindly person to haul my stuff back. Yes, I have done that in the past by reaching out on this forum. But the stuff still needs to be moved. Adding a wagon or some sort of wheeled cart would help but not that much.

So this concept has run thru my head for decades. It might not make sense to some, but it would be worth it to me. And, to show my flexibility and good hearted nature, I would gladly give up #1 above (since there already IS a portal), if I could get #2. I could go to the UPS or Fedex people, lay my hands on my pile of gear, than call for a lift. (And yes, I know that there are good volunteers already driving around offering rides, but I am looking for a sure thing. Then, when the tent comes down, I make the call to give a lift back to Exhibit Bldg A and say goodbye to my stuff.

My last thought was that someone could RENT me a whole set up, but that did not pencil out.

Flame suite ON.

Larry Nelson