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Thread: 150 Aerobat show

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    Jul 2011

    150 Aerobat show

    Could we get somebody to do this show at Airventur ?

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    Aug 2011
    I too would love to see aerobatic routines in stock, certificated airplanes ... Bob Hoover style.

    Regretfully, I am old enough to remember the fatal crash of a C150 Aerobat on takeoff for his airshow routine at Oshkosh. The weather was really, really marginal at the time with light rain, too.

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    I obtained my spin endorsement in an aerobat. Great little airplane, would be fun to see one on the show circuit.

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    Melbourne, Australia
    I have seen a similar display here in Australia - at the Tyabb, Victoria, airshow. I'm sure there is a Youtube video of it somewhere out there.

    I agree with Ron's wish that routines in stock aircraft like the great Bob Hoover's displays would be a nice addition. Cannot wait to return to WI for Osh '22!

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